Friday, March 13, 2009

Community Garden

So we want to start a community garden. There has been the open space down the street from us since we moved in and we have tried to get space there two years in a row before giving up.

The DH gets the idea that we should try and do something with it since it has been barren for the last few years. Unfortunately we aren't sure who to contact.

DH calls the Master Gardeners (one of which he is) and the Food Bank. We have recollection that they have both been involved at some point. We also go to the St Helens Nursery and talk to Stephanie about this. Knowing she is HUGE into helping the food bank. She advertises in both local papers and on the local radio station and has promised to give us some of her space to help promote the garden.


We have been talking to the MG club about this. They have told us it was a great idea, they could use the community service hours to keep memberships, and the FB (Food Bank) said there might be grant $ in the project if the MG teach free classes. YEA US!!

Mind you this has been going on for a MONTH.

So we start hearing buzz that the MG (Master Gardner) who failed at the project and some guy who owns the local roach motel have gone to a city council meeting to ask about starting a community garden. Um.......okay.

Then we hear that some county commissioner now wants to start a community garden. She wants to put it in the fairgrounds. No where near any of the homes that need to get food. No where near the food bank. AND locked up all of the time unless you CALL IN ADVANCE to get them to unlock the place so you can get it!!! And if that isn't enough, she has been calling around to EVERY contact we have already contacted and telling them what she wants to do. They have ALL TOLD HER we are spearheading this and to contact us. So what does this B1TC* do???? She sets up a meeting for next week Wednesday AND DOESN'T INVITE US OR CALL US OR ANYTHING!!!!! Um.....okay.

So, today I hear that one of the other commissioners is on the radio talking about how they are starting a garden. No specifics, time, place, date, NOTHING and didn't take one call or answer any questions about it. Um.....okay.

Luckily the gal who owns the garden called the radio station and set them straight. Told them about the space we have, it is centrally located, free water and everything. Even told them if they have interested people to call her and she will put their name on the list of those who want plots!! Isn't that wonderful of her. I LOVE THAT WOMAN!!!

Why do people have to be like that??? We only want to help the community. We don't even want space. Due to not being able to get a plot in the plot less garden, we (and I mean my DH) extended the size of our own garden.

Don't need the politics. Don't understand why people have to do that. Just FEED THE PEOPLE. And/or give them a little self respect in the fact that they are feeding themselves.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Wallpaper & Window Coverings

Well...we did it. We actually bought wallpaper made in the USA!!! YEA us!!!
We also found one of those spreads that you put on the window and it looks like stained glass. And the best part about that one is that it was made here in Oregon!! ISN"T THAT COOL!?!?!?!?

So now I have to find fabric that is made in the US and I can make curtains myself!!! At least part of our bathroom will be made in the USA!


Thursday, March 5, 2009


There was this woman in Middle School. Her name was Pat.
Can't remember her last name for the life of me but her daughter went to school there and was embarassed by her. WHY WHY WHY???

Anyway, this woman was AMAZING. She cooked lunches. She loved EVERY kid. She didn't know even one of their names. Everyone was "Honey". I always felt so warm and loved around her.

About 4 or 5 years ago I went back to the middle school and guess who was in the kitchen?!?!?! PAT!!! Still there. Still calling everyone Honey and she had a huge hug for me. She hadn't changed a bit!!!

HUGE black hair. Bright red lipstick!!! I think even blue eyeshadow. JUST THE BEST!!!

To this day I call everyone "Hon" and think of Pat every time.


Hiya. Don't really want to go to work today.
I have tomorrow off due to taking the boy to the dentist. That aught to be fun. NOT
They will put him under. That is the fun part. He says all kinds of funny stuff.

Last time...I left the room for a break from the noise. When I returned the nurse informed me that the answer was 42. What???? She said, "He said the answer to everything was 42."

Oh nice. Now he quotes Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy. Funny kid.

Then he proceeds to tell them how cold it is in his room because our house is so old and there is no insulation. So he is USE TO being cold. OH GEEZ. Now the dentist thinks I'm trying to freeze my kid to death!! Luckily the nurse saved me. She just told me they say whatever pops into their head when they are drugged. THANK GOD. Wonder what he will say tomorrow.

Oh and I didn't die of botulism. YEA ME!!!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Okay. I'm a meatball. I can TOTALLY admit it.

I thought I'd just transfer all of my old blogs from MySpace so I could blog in one place.

Thought I'd be smart!!! HAHAHAHAHA

I should have posted them in REVERSE order so they would be in CORRECT order.

You know what else I realized???? I've been blogging since MAY OF 06!!! Wholly cow. That is quite a while.
I'm even funny sometimes. Only sometimes.

So Please forgive me or making a mess!!!

Last of the blogs from MySpace.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006
Dead Dog Tired Current mood: exhausted
I'm sure ...oh crap I forgot what I was going to type.
See? That is what my life has become. I only can manage to think about the haunt. Last night in my dreams I was there scaring people. The night before I was taking tickets and the night before that I was auditioning actors. AAAARRRRGGGGHHHH!!!!! I am so tired.
I just keep telling myself only a few more days. As of this morning it is only seven and then 10 for take down. PRAISE GOD. And then I think I'll sleep for a week. At least I'm getting to cook some. Tonight is Chili Dogs!! YUMMY!!!! That aught to make for some stinky characters. YEA!!!
Kissy got her truck and I think she likes it. She said she keeps waking up at night and looking out the window to make sure it isn't a dream. I'm so tickled for her.
I miss canning things but it is fall and there isn't much to do, much less having the time to do it. BUMMER!!!
I so tired I can't even be funny. Geez, this sucks!!!!
4:32 AM
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Tuesday, October 10, 2006
Costume Current mood: frustrated
Well, it is pretty quiet tonight. Mom has both kids due to late start at school and the hubby is sleeping at the haunt AGAIN!!! Shocking huh?
So, I'm working on my costume. WHICH I HATE. But I'm trying to make it work. WHICH IT WON'T. But I've got to try. I made a promise. Of course it was one of those days where EVERYTHING was screwed. Kind of like yesterday. Why is this happening to me and why won't 99.5 call my number??????? I went to the fabric store that I called and they said yes they had the yellow ribbon. Of course after driving 10 miles I discovered that they had about 8 inches. SO fine I go to the JoAnn fabric the lady (at the 1st store) tells me is on Hayden Island (Jantzen Beach) and I get down there (after sitting in Hell Traffic for 45 minutes) only to find out that they dont' have one on the island. CURSE THE LADY AT THE FIRST FABRIC STORE!!! So I go to Michael's. Great, find just what I want and get home. Then can't find the shirt I was going to cut up to make the tank top. Fine use another one. But wait, after pulling the ribbon off of the spool I find that it is NOT FABRIC!!! IT is for friggin flower arrangements. WELL NOW YOU SEE WHY THIS DAMN COSTUME WON"T WORK!!!! Okay done now. But I shall make it work. I'm a mom. I can do ANYTHING!!!!
I think I'm just bitchy because I haven't been home and I miss my dogs and I miss my Couch and I miss my kids and I miss my mommy!!!!! Hi mom!!!
Enough whining. I really only stopped by to check out how my background sounded and the darn song isn't there. It is Toby Keith's Angry American just in case you wanted to know.
TTFN Gotta go sew the friggin costume!! Maybe I'll use hot glue. hee hee

Friday, September 22, 2006
Silent Lucidity Current mood: mellow
ME SILENT!!! NEVER!!! You should know better.
Well, let's see what we have been up to? Working hard at the haunt. Andy got a bunch of wiring up at the haunt and we hope to get it finished or at least closer to complete this weekend.
Here is the ASTONISHING part!! I've written e-mails to all of the kid's teachers and not only have I received replys from almost every one but THE KIDS ARE DOING GREAT IN SCHOOL!! I know, I know. What happened? Where did we go right?!?!?!?! I don't know but I'm so happy I could cry!!!
SO KUDOS to K.C. and Andy for a year started off right!! Keep it up my darlings and there will be great things in your future!!
As for myself, lets see......Did more tomatoes last weekend. 5 qts of whole and 2 pts of pureed. So a nice quiet weekend. This next weekend should be fun. Have too many plans and am haing to cancel some. Have three things I'm suppose to be at on Sunday. Guess which ones gets it??? THE HAUNT.
Well, I'm TOTALLY boring today so I'm off to work. (Not really) I'm back to working hard at hardly working!!!
1:30 PM
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Friday, September 08, 2006
Well, I'm on downtime right now. Only canned 6 jars of puree'd tomatoes, 2 qt jars of whole tomatoes, and about 10 more jars of relish. Nice quiet holiday off.
Now it is time to haunt. Yes it is true. Time to put on the most disgusting thing I can find. A hotdog on a stick uniform. YECH. And you can see me from Friday the 13th thru the 30th at FRIGHTTOWN. It aught to be interesting.
What is FRIGHTTOWN you say? Well, follow my friends and you shall see!!! For FRIGHTTOWN is one of my friends. Just go to my friends and follow the link. Better yet!!!! Go to and come play with us!!! In the figurative sense not the literal one.
1:46 PM
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Monday, August 28, 2006
Summer Obsession Current mood: chipper
This weekend I did it again. Only I've graduated to veggies. Okay only partially. I still made 8 jars of Pearbutter and 25 jars of Apple Butter. OH yea, and 7 quart jars of apple pie filling.
BUT my favorite item I made this weekend was CUCUMBER RELISH. Oh lordy is it good. You take a bite and you can tast the layers of flavor then BAM the heat hits you. But it is just that little bam and then nothing. INCREDIBLE.
Poor hubby. I made him pick me up some jars after 9pm last night. WHEN WILL THIS EVER END? I know it will end when there are no more fresh fruits and veggies. Then I will be sad. Oh well. I just must enjoy for now. Of course I'm going to need a bigger house if I don't stop soon. hee hee
4:27 AM
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Monday, July 31, 2006
OH NO I DID IT AGAIN!!! Current mood: giddy
I can't help myself. Really. It just comes over me like the need to bake. It is almost an obsession. I have so much now that every person within a 10 mile radius of me is getting some for Christmas.
Yes I am speaking of JAM. I have gone and done 20 more jars yesterday. It is RHUBARB and it is so tasty. I met the new neighbors and traded them a huge bag of apples for three jars of jam and now I get to make APPLE JELLY!!!!
I AM SO SICK!!!! What is the matter with me? DON'T ANSWER THAT!! But I just must make jam. I know it is insane but, come February when it is all cold and icy outside, I WILL HAVE JAM!!! And all of you will be calling me begging for some of that summer goodness. AND I KNOW WHO YOU ARE!!!
Well, off to the funny farm. I have to buy cheesecloth so I can strain my apples for the jelly. I sound like Suzy Homemaker. I'm gonna puke!!!
5:16 PM
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Tuesday, July 25, 2006
OH Happy Day!!! Current mood: hyper
Okay, I know it is silly to be so happy but if you knew how FRIGGIN hot it has been here, you would know how happy I am to sleep. I actually woke up last night and found myself to be cold!!! OH HAPPY DAY!!!!
Okay kiddies. It is almost Blackberry and Peach season. Only two more weeks. There is a blackberry that is thornless!! Can you believe it???? Okay I know you can but I'm so excited.
When is our next haunt meeting. I think I need to bring Jam again. And Dave, if you are reading this, I'm dropping strawberry by your house today for the lovely Stacey!!!
Okay, so maybe I'm just a little too happy. I know it is true but I"M SO HAPPY!!! I'll go take a pill and calm down. But not bendaryl. Lord does that stuff make you a zombie or what?!?!?! Yech. I can't even think when I'm on that stuff!!! I know what you are thinking, "She doesn't think when she isn't on that stuff!" Well, shut up!! hee hee Only kidding. Don't really shut up. No really, SHUT UP!!! Okay back to taking a pill to calm down!!!
Nighty Night - I mean Good Morning.
7:51 AM
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Sunday, July 09, 2006
Jamberry Current mood: bouncy
Oh Lordy are we having fun. On the 3rd and 4th we made 40 jars of jam. Now we are at it again!! WHOHOO!! I know, now I've given away everyones suprise as to what they are getting for Christmas. BUT I"M HAVING SO MUCH FUN!!! I love it.
The flavors yesterday were bluberry (one batch) and marion berry. Today will be more bluberry, boysenberry (my favorite) and mixed berry!! SO TASTY!!!
I keep telling the hubby I have enough stuff, then have to go to the store for sugar and pectin. Haa Haa
It is Sunday and time for our weekly breakfast date. Then to mom's for a fish tank and home again to MAKE JAM!!
6:39 AM
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Friday, June 30, 2006
Kinda Pissy Current mood: bitchy
It is good to see you are reading my blogs. At least I know 12 people in the world give a hoot what I say. I wish my kids did. The boy has vacume good, behind the toilet and the stairs. So he does just behind the toilet and the stairs. AAARRRGGGHHH
Who hoo. That was a little bitchy wasn't it.
Things are going okay. I"m kind of excited because my buddy "M" and her wonderful hubby "C" are comming over tomorrow for a day of BBQ and games.
Husband did a wonderful job on the back yard patio and I"m excited to use it!!! Can't wait to BBQ and take it easy. We have pretty much been going non-stop for 2 weeks now and I'm looking ofrward to the break!!
Getting excited about the haunt. Can't wait for my character to get going. NOT TELLIN so don't ask. ;)
Okay, time for ice cream and chocolate. Gotta get the bitch outta me!!!
6:33 PM
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Friday, June 23, 2006
Hmmm....... Current mood: chipper
Well, things are going better.
The animal control people won't listen to my pathetic neighbor anymore because of the 5 or 6 times she called, the animal control people came to my house and NEVER HEARD MY DOGS BARKING!!!! Can you believe that stupid woman?!?!?!? She even tried to call our sweet other neighbors and get them to call in so "THEY WILL DO SOMETIHING ABOUT MY DOGS" What a witch. But no more. HA HA HA
Well, I've got the stuff to do the kids rooms and put in a patio in the back yard. It will be a busy weekend. We have to scrape up all of the dirt and put down the gravel and sand.
Plus I have a wedding and card making session with the greatest Stamp Lady in the world. Her name is LISA MATHIS and I love her to death. If you are into card making or scrapbooking, send me a message and I'll get you in touch with her. I'm telling you, she is the BEST!!!!
So back to work at hardly working!!!
9:28 AM
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Tuesday, June 13, 2006
Damn Dogs Current mood: angry
Things are better now. NOT!!The dogs continue to bark. And now our big dog seems to be able to bark just as loud with the muzzle on her mouth. And if that isn't enough, the muzzle is wearing a raw spot on her nose so I get home and it is literally RAW.
Oh, we are so not done yet. I get home today and they have the muzzles on (sometimes they escape them) and there is another damn notice on the door!!!! AAAAAARRRRRGGGGGHHHHH!!!
I just don't think I've had enough of my animals what with the cat and now these two. I'm GOING INSANE!!!
Does anyone have any suggestions for getting dogs to stop barking BESIDES REMOVING THEIR VOICE BOXES???????
All done for now.

4:04 PM
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Friday, June 09, 2006
Truly - Beloved Kitty Current mood: sad
Why do we get animals? They break our hearts everytime!! But still we do it. Just that bit of unconditional love given with no expectations and we grow to love it, want it, crave it. And then they are gone. We had our beloved Truly Scrumptious kitty for 1 1/2 years before some SORRY SON OF A BITCH hit her and left her to die on the side of the road. I just want to thank them for taking her away from my family. STUPID BASTARD. But I have to admit I was grateful for the time we had her. I don't believe I'll be able to get another kitty. None will ever measure up to her sweetness and lack of "catitude". She was truly "Truly Scrumptious".

Monday, June 05, 2006
5:19am Monday
Geez it's early.I love my job but I sure wish I had one closer to home. 60 miles a day is a lot to drive.
Our sale went okay. I'm just useto sales in Portland where people SWARM. Out here it was more like a buzz. But we got enough to pay a few bills and that is the whole point. That and getting rid of all of our junk. I'm going to have the sale again next weekend. We are going to do a Sat. ONLY sale. We sold a lot but there is so much left that if we go through a few more boxes, it will look all full again.
Oh yea, and help me pray the dogs are good today.
4:20 AM
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Saturday, June 03, 2006
Better Day Current mood: mellow
Well, yesterday was a better day. I called the police about our dog and they didn't call back. THANK GOD.
I had the first day of the garage sale and it went well. Very slow but good for St Helens. Today should be balls to the wall due to the fact that Byron has put out tools. All the men that came in saw the "tools tomorrow" sign and said they would return. So it aught to be nuts.
My pointer finger on my right hand is about raw. I crosstiched the whole day since I was out there alone. I got a ton done but stabbed myself repeatedly. Nothing say fun like that!!!
We are heading off to breakfast before we open.
4:46 AM
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Wednesday, May 31, 2006
Barking Dogs Current mood: angry
Okay, I'm getting really pissed.
I have two dogs. Stormy & Thunder. Since aquiring Thunder our usually calm & quiet Stormy has begun barking.
I'm not talking about woof woof. I'm talking about woof woof woof woof woof woof woof woof woof woof woof woof woof woof woof woof woof woof woof woof woof woof woof woof woof woof woof woof woof woof woof woof woof woof woof woof woof woof woof woof woof woof woof woof woof woof woof woof woof woof woof woof woof woof woof woof woof woof woof woof the kind where you want to kill the neighbors dog.
So we do the responsible thing and make it so the dogs can't see the neighbors dogs and hopefully wont bark. Of course that doesn't work.
So next onto the muzzle. We get to Walmart and they dont' have them but they do have a slot for the bark zapper colar. So we have to go to Portland (30 miles away) and get the damn thing. Of course we do. We get home and put it on the older dog so she will keep quiet and hopefully teach the younger dog to behave. HA We were fooled. All the damn thing did was make her drool everytime she barked. So we get home, the neighbors are still pissed and the dog's throat is soaked with drool. Not only that but the damn collar goes off all of the time. The dog is laying on the floor doing NOTHING and it goes off.
Fine so we return it and get the muzzles at the local feed store. We put them on and they CAN'T GET THEM OFF. We are so excited. We talk to the neighbors and they are happy. The dogs are still barking a bit but nothing like they were before. YEA.
Oh but we aren't done yet. We get home today and there is a notice on the door that we have received a complaint about a barking dog. GEEZ!!! I CAN'T WIN!!!!!
Okay, I'm done venting for now. I'll let you know what the cops say when I talk to them tomorrow.
Off to sort junk for the garage sale!!!
4:47 PM
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Tuesday, May 30, 2006
New BURGER KING in TOWN Current mood: bouncy
Oh geez!! I had to do it. I'm in love with the corporate whore!!! But those mash potato fries and FRY SAUCE!!!
5-31-06 Update - We went again last night and they TOTALLY screwed up our order. DAMN WHORE!!!!
5:12 PM
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Sunday, May 28, 2006
Good Golly Current mood: busy
Well, it's garage sale day. Whoo hoo. Okay I'm not excited. If we don't sell a bunch of stuff, then I'm having it again next weekend. I just want it all GONE!! Is that too much to ask? How did I wind up with 5 boxes of nick naks when I only had one room of my own at mom's house? What the hell? That is okay. Some sap will buy all of it right? Well,,,,,a girls gotta dream!!!
6:16 AM
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Saturday, May 27, 2006
Saturday Current mood: busy
We are getting ready for a garage sale today. OH WHAT FUN. Go through all of the old boxes to get rid of EVERYTHING. I'm so glad. Time to clean house.
I LOVE MYSPACE. I have totally connected with people from the past. SO WEIRD to be talking to them after so long.
Makes me remember how Flick & I skipped school one afternoon. We spent the entire time in her room peeking out the window in fear that her mom was going to come home and catch us. We never did it again!! I still laugh thinking about it.
So much fun!!!
Well that is all I have for now. Actually I have more but I have to get ready for the garage sale!!!

7:07 AM
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Friday, May 26, 2006
Blue Mascara
Okay, I can admit it, except for big hair (I cut it all off) I'm still happy to be stuck in the 80's. I know I'm not the only one who still wears blue mascara. I just love it. I can't stay away. I can't be the only one, can I?
8:38 AM
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Thursday, May 25, 2006
Wholly cow. This is cool. There are so many people I know on this thing. Reading the PKRose notes and the kids saying they are old when they graduated in 93. GEEZ> We are getting ready for our 20 year reunion. Where did the time go? I say that alot. Where are we today? At home with son who play video games, the two dogs, the 8 frogs and the parakeet. The daughter is hangin with grandma and the Hubby is working late. Time to rehead leftovers!!!


Thursday, November 02, 2006
8 Hours Current mood: calm
Yes it is true. 8 FRIGGIN HOURS. I can't remember the last time I got to sleep like that. I woke up and wasn't even tired. We got to drive home in the semi-light and it was WONDERFUL!!!
Only 8 more days of clean up and we are out of the haunt. I can't tell you what a relief it is to be almost done.
As for my costume, it really didn't work (just like I said it wouldn't) and someone (CALLIE GIRL) made me one (AND IT ROCKS) but then she wound up getting to play the Marion Carion costume. I'm totally tickled. I got to take tickets. SO MUCH FUN!!! I get to see everyone and no one is in a hurry. They don't run by and I LOVE IT!!!
I have a few thank you notes to write. One to Cadbury for all of the throat lozenges they donated. THANK YOU HALLS!!! And one to the greatest catering company in the world. They are called INGALLINA'S. If you want some EXCEPTIONAL platters of goodies, they are the ones to talk to!!! They service the Seattle and Portland areas. # 206-766-9400, 866-766-9400 for Seattle. For Portland # 503-233-9400!!!
I have to say that the regional manager for KFC SUCKS!! His name is ERIC (the jerk) and will say he will return your call but HE WON'T!!! So, never bother to go to KFC because they have the WORST upper management. They do however have great store managers. Sheri at the Lombard store in Portland is the greatest thing since sliced bread!!!
I wonder if they will ask me to cook for the wrap party? A pot luck would actually be really fun!!!
Well, I'm off to work today!! Have a great day.


Wednesday, November 29, 2006
Done Done Done Current mood: refreshed

Well, it is finally done. All over. And I can sigh a sigh of relief. It was an experiance I will never forget.And there are even parts of it I will cherish forever.

Being called the "Best Haunt Mom EVER" by Shashonna.
Willy in the bunny outfit. I could see him smile from the outside.
Jen deleting the bad (fat) pictures and keeping the good ones.
Chris as the ferry with the spam!!!!
Byron for putting up with me saying DICK every 5 seconds!!!
Lianna & Lindsey Lou as the puppies!!!
Paul on the zombie walk with that huge gash!!!
The guy with the sunkin in head. (Okay I don't cherish that one but I will NEVER forget it!!)Christina doing "mean" on the day Janice was off.
Janice getting rid of excess baggage on the 1st day!!! GOD BLESS YOU!!
Rick - as the cutest clown bum or bum clown ever.
Sue - always with a smile and a wave.
Bears regular hugs and humor.
Morgan's Inner Thigh Salad, Crispy Skin Flakes, Toe Jam soup, Boobie Sandwiches, & Something-or-other Chowder.
Jeremy - The best trash bag monster ever!!!
Brian and his huge hugs & special pizzas!!!
Getting my ass smacked like I deserve it by James 4X.
Having to turn away from Keith's maggot covered belly.
Montana getting SO excited in that clown band outfit & TOTALLY making it work.
Callie girl - Loved as a ghost!!! So many hugs!!!!Wearing that beak.E - for being the sweetest!!!Elvis Scareyokie!!
Do you like Pandas?
Ray's mask teeth clicking together.
Estin for working those fish nets!!!
Practically Perfect Patty smiling ALL of the time.
Spooner well.....being spooner.(Nice Boobs)
Howard almost running me over in that damn chair!!!
Tom smiling all of the time. How did he do that?!??!?!?!?!(Special Pizzas)
Derek - Going beyond all normal limits of Zombiedom on the zombie walk.
Snakie for making the devil awsome!!!
Nicole - NO ONE wears butt floss like you! And there is a reason why!!
Alisha painting EVERYTHING black!!
KC for getting her school involved!!!
The two headed man!!!
Jo-Jo who I didn't even recognize because she didn't have any make-up on at the wrap party!! Where is your blood girl????
Stan for getting involved with KC. ;)
Charlie for loving my jam and fixing the HellHound!! YOU ROCK!!!
Colosus' gray thongs on the floor every night.
Dead Staceys.
Emily-Ann & FUN WITH MAC!!!!
Jose for the drama. We love that kind of show!!
Cindy looking like a kid in the corner, a very evil kid no less.
Lynn - no one victums like you!!!
Matt for working like a DOG!! And getting it done!!!
And bumpy face gore!!
Rick for having so much fun doing this.
Dave & the shots of your mouth on the video.
I wish I had the list of everyones names.
There are just so many amazing things!!!Anyway, that is all I have for now.



Thursday, December 14, 2006
So Strange..... Current mood: melancholy
It still seems so strange to me that I'm not seeing all of you on a daily basis. I miss your faces and laughs and EVERYTHING. Okay, maybe not everything, but most of it. We were such a part of each other's lives for what seemed like forever and now NOTHING. I sound pathetic!!!! But I want to know how all of you are?!?!?!? Write & tell me so I know you are still out there and still my friends.
We do need to have a big PARTY and all get together for fun. I'll host it, just tell me when so I can see all of you again!!!
Love to you!!!Red Hot Mama


Tuesday, December 19, 2006

F*** Me - F*** You - F*** Them - F*** Off Current mood: annoyed

Okay, what is the deal????Why do so many people have to make a bulletin with the F word in it? I'm not a prude. I've heard it, seen it, said it and done it. But I sure don't want to hear it, read it, see it, or say it any more. I just don't understand. You can get my attention without it you know. You will be more likely to get me to read what you have written if you don't include that word.



Friday, December 29, 2006
It's Coming Current mood: cheerful
Yes it is true. My b-day is coming. I'll be 38 (I think) I can never seem to remember. The hubby always reminds me if I forget. What would I do without him?
I'm not one of those people who freaks out about age. In fact, it really doesn't bother me because I don't feel as old as I am. I'll be 40 soon and it just doesn't phase me. Why not? My brothers wife cried when she turned 30. Just spent the day crying. GET A LIFE!!! Good Lord. Must have been because she is SO MUCH OLDER than my brother. I'd cry too if I was that OLD. hee hee
I'm not sure what I'll do for the day. Maybe I'll get lucky and my mom will cook me some yummy dinner. She is an AMAZING cook and I like just about anything she makes.
I saw what I wanted on craigslist. It is a cook old sofa and chair in McMinnville. So COOL!!! And free. I wish I was still a kid and I could just give my parents a list of what I want. It would go something like this:I want a new scarff, gloves, hat that won't mush my hair but is warm, my car cleaned inside and out, a new purse, a pedicure, a new pair of jeans, a new sweater, cool sox, a perm, a new build a bear, a new smutty book, (yes I love those) some time to play my Harry Potter video game without having to be bugged about dished, trash, laundry, dusting, or vacuming.
I know I dont' want much do it??? HEE HEE Of course the list is more grown up than when I was a kid. If it was really a kids list it would be more like this:I want a/some:CarShoesPursesHair Donefake nailsnight free of homeworkNew FormalNew TiaraPhone in my Room
I think we should all make wish lists!!! Everyone who reads this should make a wish list as a comment. A birthday list, if you will. It would be great. Then if we have an extra of something, we can pass it along and then a wish would be fulfilled. I know CORNY AS HELL!!! But you know how I am.
PS. Haunters, I'm still TOTALLY planning on having a post party party!!! Just got to get caught up on the bills and them WATCH OUT!!!


Friday, December 29, 2006
I'VE HAD IT!!!! Current mood:Harried

Today was suppose to be slow. Low work, low calls, low stress.

I know this is simple but it isn't happening. We have a copier/fax machine on lease from this business. They picked the machine for us, put it in, service it and send us supplies as needed. So I call them on the 13th of Dec and say I need staples for the machine.

It has this special kind for some auto stapler that is on the top. No staples, no staples, no staples.

Finally on the 27th I call back and say hey you never called me back.
Can I get my staples.
So the gal argues with me over weather or not the damn thing has internal staples.
So she sends me staples and they don't have a cartridge like the one I pull out. I call her. These can't be right. They don't have a cartridge.
Can you get me the ones with the cartridge?
I'll send it to you so you can see what it looks like.
She says don't send me the cartridge.
I think I know the right ones. S
o I get the second box and nope, no cartridge they won't work.
I call her. Nope these don't work. I've been patient and laughing the WHOLE time. Okay she says, does the cartridge have a lip, does it look like a snail. I say no. I know about those type of cartridges.

They go in the electric stapler on my desk.

This looks like (and I describe it to her again) and I need them. So today I get a box that has two different kinds of staples and NEITHER OF THEM ARE RIGHT!!! So I call the rep and say YOU PUT THE MACHINE IN HERE. YOU NEED TO FIGURE OUT THE STAPLES FOR IT!!!!

She calls and asks if the staples are right. I tell her no. Now I have three boxes of the wrong ones ready to go back. This has been so much fun!!! She says she will call the manuf and call me back. She calls me back and asks me to get the first box she sent. I pull it out and I'LL BE DAMNED IF THE FRIGGIN STAPLES DON'T COME OUT AND GO INTO THE REUSABLE CARTRIDGE!!!!! ARG!!!!

That is problem one. #2We are doing price file updates. My boss created the update and it is my job to get the customers to download the files. So I send them a letter the day the files are ready. Please download. You have until the 1st of Jan to do it. Second letter goes out. Please download. Time is almost up. Final letter is e-mailed at 7:30 am this morning. and the phones start ringing off of the hook. It is so bad that the switchboard operator calls me to see what I have done that would make so many people call me!!! We get 45 downloads in 4 hours. More than we had all month. Why?????Because they have to be done by Monday or they won't be avaliable. SO, I'm on the phone with one dealer, have another on hold, my message light starts blinking and I get two e-mails!!! WHAT THE HELL!?!?!?!?!?!?!

So now, it is almost 3:30, time to go home. Now I need to do a work de-tox. Time to get a nice iced coffee and relax!!!

Nighty night.


Friday, December 29, 2006
UNBELIEVABLE Current mood:Flabbergasted

Okay, I know I've posted twice already today but you are not going to believe this!!
I'm at the post office waiting in line to mail something for work. Long lines, nice looking lady in front of me, VERY stinky man behind me. Lady comes in tall as she is round and asks the person behind the counter if she can wait until Wed to pay for her box.

The man behind the counter tells her that is fine seeing as they are closed Monday & Tuesday anyway. The woman asks why they are closed on Tuesday. Man behind counter tells her it is in honor of Gerald Ford, a day of memorial.

And the woman in front of me has the cabolies (Balls) to say that it is only because he (Jerald Ford) is a white man that they are doing that. She says if it were a black man (she didn't say African American like I'm suppose to) there wouldn't be any day off. Now this nice looking lady in front of me has become very UGLY.

She has shown me racism. Even though White people (we are actually pink or more peachy color) are accused of it if we say black instead of African American she can now, not only call the race black but say they wouldn't give a day off based on color.

What does she think MLK day is for? He only helped one race. Jerald Ford helped all races in ONE NATION.

Okay I'm done now.


Saturday, December 30, 2006

Apology Current mood:Sorry

Sorry about yesterday. Some times I get so full that if I don't get it all out I feel I'll bust. And it doesn't have to be important (like the staple thing) It just get all bottled up and I have to let it out so I don't keep rehashing it.

You know, it is like that really scary dream you have. After you have it you keep going over and over it until you think you'll die. And you know if you just tell someone or write it down it will go away. I'm kind of like that with the stupidest stuff.

So sorry again for yesterday. I'll try to not do that again.

PS I was good. I had one more to do last night and I held off. Okay, Byron teased me and I didn't do it. He beat me down.

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Monday, February 26, 2007

I Didn't Realize I Could Take All That Love With Me Current mood:BLISSFUL!!!

When you are young you love without reservation. Loving someone is so much simpler. There are no barriers, no race, no religion, no strings attached. I had a very bestest best friend in grade school whom I loved completely. We would see each other every day and hug. "I LOVE YOU" was a constant part of our vocabulary. We didn't think anything of it. We knew others didn't like it, my friends (one who was VERY jealous), her mother, (because I wasn't Catholic). But NONE of it mattered because we were peas in a pod.

We use to watch solid gold and make up dance routines and perform them in front of the class. We would work on them for weeks. Two girls disco dancing in front of anyone who would watch. And we loved each other. WE would write notes to each other. I had a whole drawer full of our notes when I was a kid. Some only said HI and most said I LOVE YOU.

We have been apart for 25 years. And the other day she found me on MySpace. GOD BLESS MYSPACE!!!

When we got together for the first time in 25 years, we were just the same. (WITHOUT THE DANCING!!) We said the same things at the same time, went through so many of the same things and still came out feeling the same.

I think being away from each other was bad and good. It was bad because we didn't get the opportunity to be there for each other during the hard times. And good because, we get together now and get to LOVE each other with that pure childlike love we did as 3rd graders. I think that is the greatest gift of all!!!


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Friday, June 15, 2007
What is your "Heritage" Current mood:Purging My Soul
Okay. I have doozy today!!!

My company sent out a memo saying that we believe in diversity and how great it is and how are are going to EMBRACE it. In other words, we get it without the benefit of lube or dinner.
So they have determined that we are now going to "Celebrate" diversity and "Heritage" and have selected months out of the year for us to to do this. We are suppose to follow their lead and learn about these "Heritages" and teach them to others.
With this in mind, I'd like to let you know some of our months. (These are the ones I can remember)

*December - Black Heritage Month - Fine, like this hasn't been around forever and I respect it.*

February-Woman's History Month - Same as above.*

October - Handicapped/Mental Illness (I've seen this one at work) hee hee*

August-GLBT-Gay Lesbian Bi-Sexual and Transgender. OKAY WHAT THE FU**ING HELL!?!?!!?!!! Since when did this become a HERITAGE?!?!?!?! What country do they come from?????????? What kind of HERITAGE is that????? THESE ARE SEXUAL PREFRENCES (EXCEPT TRANSGENDER) AND THEY DON'T HAVE A HERITIGE!!!!! Or did I miss the memo????

I did notice that there is NO month that celebrates God or our COUNTRY!!! You know the two things that I care about. I dont' give a good God Damn about someones sexual path but I sure do care about God and MY COUNTRY!!! I also noticed that there is no month that supports our Soilders. This one does amaze me since they protect our right to have things like AUGUST!!!!!!

In honor of our stupid work calendar I have OFFICIALLY deemed February (since it isn't taken by Pedofile and Zoophiliac month) WHITE STRAIT MEN IN THE MILITARY AND OTHER MEN MONTH. I noticed they didn't have a month of their own. And since they are not the minority, they deserve it.

Okay now I'm two cents poorer since I've given it to you.

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Monday, July 02, 2007
It has begun..... Current mood: high

I see them every day. Selling their red crack on the side of the road.

Don't they know what that does to me? Don't they realize what they have begun.

Now I find myself going to the neighbors to get my "Crack Pipes" I've loaned out with the damn stuff in them!!!

Then the daughter goes out and picks enough of the RRB to make two batches!!!

So I come home from work and (OH DEAR LORD) I begin to cook it up. Now 36 jars later, I have strawberry, raspberry, and strawberry/rhubarb.

WHAT HAVE I DONE?!?!?!?!?!

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Tuesday, July 03, 2007
My Creation
Not only has the madness begun but so has the creation.

Yes it is true. I experiment and if there is an old, odd, obscure repicie, I will try it. Okay, so maybe I didn't have a recipe and had to make it up as I go along but I think I've made enough jam to make it work!!!

The most recent was strawberry/rhubarb jam. I had left over strawberries and went out into the garden for rhubarb. I was informed by my HB that "You don't know what you are doing! You can't mix those two in jam."Wanna make a bet?!?!?!?!

I now have a new favorite. YUMO!!!

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Thursday, October 04, 2007
My Dumb Think For The Day Current mood: chipper
I swear I have to do something dumb every day. Something different and dumb. I never (okay almost never) do the same dumb thing twice.Maybe Dumb Thing for the Day is wrong. Maybe it is just weekly. Maybe.Okay this happened on Wednesday. And I have to giggle because I crack myself up.I'm in the car running errands and think "Hey I'll pay the cable bill this month BEFORE they call me."So I drive to the cable place and it is late so they are closed. Of course I don't have my account number so I write in the "Comment" section that I'm a meatball and don't have my account number. (This isn't the dumb thing.)

I don't have an envelope to put it in the slot so I get out a blank piece of paper and fold it over my check so it won't get caught in the shoot or something and then my payment won't register. But it is still flat and the DH is worried it will still get stuck. So I do the next best thing I can think of to make it fatter. (No, this isn't the stupid part either.) I find a twist tie in the car so I wind it around the middle of the check and it looks like a little bow tie. hee hee I'm such a dork!!!So I go to put it in the slot. I cram it in the slot and see that it is sitting on top of the little ledge right on top of someone elses check & they didn't make sure it went down the slot. So (here comes the stupid part) I stick my fingers in the slot to push both my $ and the other persons down the slot.

Mind you, no good deed goes unpunished. I get stuck!!! I'm about to panic and so I rip my fingers out of the slot. I then get into the car and bleed since I've torn all of the skin off of the nuckel off of my left hand. Yes it is true. Such a dumb thing to do. My DH just laughs because it is what I do. Of course I cant' tell him I'm bleeding either because then he will only laugh harder.Okay I'm done laughing at myself now.

Just had to get that out and see it I'm not the only braniac out there!!!

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Friday, January 11, 2008
Surgery Current mood: excited
Well kids. Only 4 more days until I go under the knife. I HAVE NEVER BEEN MORE EXCITED. Okay I have but in "different" ways. hee hee

Hystarectomy for me. YEA!!! I go in at 5:30 am. So I have to be out of bed, showered and have a small list of GROSS things to do before I go in. YECH.

OMG - One of the things on the list is REMOVE ALL BODY JEWELERY FROM THE WAIST DOWN!! Isn't that funny. I told the nurse I wasn't doing it. She looked at me and laughed. I don't even wear a toe ring. OH and I don't want to know which of you this applies to!! I already have a pretty good idea, but still!!!!

Am kind of upset with AFLAC. DAMN DUCK!!! Been paying almost 70 a month for 3 different kinds of coverage. 40 for Cancer, 20 for accident and 10 for (what I thought was short term dissability) a writer on the accident "incase" I'm disabled by an accident. Of course I'm filling out the one of 10 forms they have and call to get my policy number only to be told I'm not covered. BRIAN GOURLEY OF VANCOUVER IS THE WORST AGENT FOR AFLAC EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyway. It will kind of be like a vacation. I won't be able to lift over 3 lbs for at least two weeks. So I can't do housework. hee hee Can't cook NUTHIN
It aught to be interesting. KC is learning to cook really well. THANK GOD. She made the yummiest KCdeas hee hee for my birthday dinner.

Anyway off track. I'll be at the Good Samaratin hospital on teh 15th for surgery and I get to go home on the 16th. YEA. My mom will be with me the whole time. I"m so glad. I'm not a fan of hospitals.
So take care all and I hope to be back in a few weeks.

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Sunday, March 02, 2008
Update on everything Current mood: bouncy
OH happy happy joy joy - No more uterius and Spooner can poke numb parts with a stick because there aren't any!!!! I know she will be upset but she'll love me anyway.
Still hate AFLAC and Brian Gourley and now hate the company I work for. All along they say you get 60% of your wages when on short term disability. For two months they have said this. So I get my first check and it is $257.05. Um.... in what world is that 60 percent of my income? Well, I'm so damn happy not to have body parts that I really don't care too much and it is only 3 weeks right? So I go back to work on a Friday and my checks are run Tues thru Monday. So they give me the full check and I think find I can pay back $50 bucks or WHATEVER. I get a bill saying I need to pay $158.48 BACK!! I call them and seems my pathetic excuse for an employer set it up so that we are paid that $300.00 on a SEVEN DAY WORK WEEK!!! I said BullPuckie (only not the nice one). In what world am I paid on a 7 day week? Does my company pay me for the weekends? I don't think so!!! I will have to wait to talk to our personell director until I've calmed down. I can be a little intense when I'm pissed (as some of you might have notices) and I want to sound reasonable not ranting. Which is what I'm doing now. Thanks for listening.

Now for the best part!!! Cheryl and her friend Renee came over for dinner and games last night. OH AND SHE WILL NOW HAVE SUNDAYS OFF SO I CAN SEE HER!!!!! It is like Christmas, My birthday, Her birthday, and even the 4th of July all wrapped into one. Oh and for my haunt friends HALLOWEEN too!!! I can't believe those girls beat me at clue. That use to be my game. I OWNED that game. Good Lord. When did I get so old. She is such a dear!! I found this gorilla that held a heart that said "Our First Valentine" to give to her. hee hee!! I['m SUCH a dork. Anyway, she invited me to a 311 concert and played some of their music on the computer. They sound good so in April it is off to the Roslyn theatre to watch. Aught to be fun!!! Really, I'm not just saying that. KC may even be able to come. They have a youngin section too!! YEA!!! Me and my girls out for a night on the town. ALRIGHT!!!

Well take care all and thanks for your wishes regarding Cheryl and the surgery.
Oh and sorry about the stick thing Spooner. Maybe you can come poke Byron in the head instead. ;)

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Friday, March 28, 2008
Surgery AGAIN Current mood: thirsty
So Satuirday night I start getting the most incredible pain. It hurts bad enough that I think about canceling Easter. Not just for me but for the whole world!!! Okay not that bad but I did think about canceling. Of course I couldn’t. We were feeding 10 people and one was Cheryl! Can’t cancel that! So, fine go to bed, wake up all night long due to the pain. But I’m one tough cookie. KC says I’m super mom so I won’t die.
Wake up and am in pain all day. Dominoes was still fun even if I did play with a bunch of CHEATERS.
Lay in bed Sunday night and just pray. GOD PLEASE LET ME SLEEP. I sleep like a dog without the private licking thing.
Wake up Monday feeling okay but sore. Left work early due to the pain. Am in pain all day. Do the smart thing and stay home Tuesday to recover from the pain I’m still feeling. So I check on the internet. It says if you have abdominal pain for 3 days go to the emergency room. Well, I’m super mom and had a talk with God so I know I won’t die no matter what this is.
Finally can’t stand it any longer and call the dr on Wednesday. I go in, she examines me and makes me cry because it hurts so bad. TOTALLY not her fault. She has to find the problem. So she sends me in for a CT scan of the belly. They find a lump that isn’t suppose to be there. So they want a closer look. I have to drink contrast dye. I have it have it put into my vains and other places. Good Lord that wasn’t fun!! But Amy and Russell were VERY sweet. They were my tecs at Epic Imaging. Yep there is definately a lump.
So yesterday morning I go for another poke and prod. Two different kinds of ultrasounds. The lump is about 4inches wide. Not a good sign. But the doctor gave me pain meds and I did sleep. So I go to my dr’s to discuss what is next. Seems I have a something nasty that has formed on one of my ovaries in less than two months!!! And my ovarie is twisting cutting off blood flow and causing A LOT of pain.
Dr says we go in for surgery tomorrow (Friday) I say can’t it wait until Monday? I have month end at work. She says "We go in for surgery tomorrow." But I have great pain meds. I say. She says "Colleen, We go in for surgery tomorrow."
So today is tomorrow. My surgery is set for 1:00pm. I have to be there at 11:00am and I"M FRIGGIN THURSTY. No water or food since dinner last night and I just want a FRIGGIN LATTE!!!
So wish me luck. And Spooner, yes if I go numb you can poke me with a stick.

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Tuesday, November 11, 2008
Stuff Current mood: blah
Okay - Has it really been 6 months since I barfed a blog???? WTF?!?!?!?
I am SO out of it!!
Todays barf is about looking for people. I can't find two ..okay three people and I REALLY WANT TO FIND THEM!!
1. Chantarelle Mist Wooten - With a name like that how friggin hard can it be to find her??? But I can't. She is my cousin from my egg doner and I have been trying to find her for about 10 years now. I hear she isn't talking to her mother and I would really like to find her. I think she is about 35 or so. Her father's name is Rod. She has a younger sister named Amber and a mother named Laurel. I've tried to find them too but Laurel has re-married, Rod is a musician and God knows how hard they are to find and all I can find on an Amber Wooten is a gal who plays basketball and I believe to be too young. Sooooooo if any of you know Chantarelle...know of a chantarelle (and no I don't mean the mushrooms) Let her know that her cousin is looking for her.
2. Barbara Collins. She is 39 or 40. Last I talked to her she was in California. She came up to Portland in 1986 to go to school. She was one of my dearest HS friends. She called me Mammie (I played a wollie mammoth in a stupid school play) DON"T LAUGH) assholes) and I called her Bonnie.
3. Christy Doherning. She is also 39 or 40. She went to Parkrose from gradeshcool on up and I have been looking for her for 3 years. There is another student who wishes to get back in contact with her.
So if you guys know of any of these three people....I'm kind of hoping that they will get on google or some other search engine and put in their own name and then find that they come up and have to come here and find it......let me know.
Thanks guys!!!