Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Well....got on some pills to calm the thoughts so I can sleep. They work intermittenly. I think the best thing for me is the relationship that is growing between LB and I. We are growing so much. Almost to our "limits" right now. And I think it is a very good thing!

Bless His heart and mine....

Thursday, March 11, 2010


Much better.....

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The Doctor

Well...I'm going in.
I cant take the lack of sleep and the "extra" thoughts any longer.....

Thursday, March 4, 2010

No subject

I feel like I'm alternating between dying and living......

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


It isnt any better...when will I stop thinking about it??????.
Why cant I stop the screaming in my head????

Monday, March 1, 2010



Monday, January 25, 2010

Rubie Roo

Yes we have done it....we got ANOTHER dog.

Our day started out fairly normal.
Went to Home Depot...they didn't have what we wanted so we went next door to Lowes. They didn't' have what we wanted so we went to Wendy's because we KNOW they will have what we want.

On our way out of the parking lot we drove up on the Bonnie L Hays Small Animal Shelter. DH says, "Want to stop?"

DUMB question. Of course I want to look at puppies and kitties. So in we go.

We get into the dog area and I'm checking out the ones in front. DH goes straight for the back cages and then looks at me and says, "Colleen". All he needed to say was my name and I KNEW we were in trouble. So off I go to the last cage on the left and here is the most forlorn looking little thing with BRIGHT red ears. Her name is Ruby. She is a cattle dog, also know by the slang name of Blue Heeler. She is Merle Red colored. So I ask to see her. Apparently we have to fill out paperwork to LOOK at a dog so fine...whatever.

We get Ruby into an in closure and she CHARMS the pants off of us. So I go in to ask a few questions. Is she fixed, shots, chipped, licences....etc. Then back out to play with her and discuss it with the DH. We take pics and send them to the kids and Mom. All are in agreeance. She MUST be ours.

I go back in to ask a few more questions. Apparently the nice lady was on break and a VERY RUDE woman was now on duty.
ME: Can you bring out another dog who is good with other dogs so I can see how she is?
HER: Do you have a dog already?
ME: Yes and I want to see how she will....(Interrupted by RUDE)
HER:You need to bring your other dog in. We won't release that one without a Meet & Greet.
ME: I would never take a dog home without having my current dog approve.
HER: We will only hold the dog for an hour.
ME: I live in St Helens and it will take me almost 2 hrs to get home, get my dog and son, and then get back.
HER: Well we only hold the dog for an hour. That is our policy.
ME: If you can get that dog adopted in an hour GO FOR IT!. Here is my number in case she gets a new home before I get back. You can call me and I won't waste a trip.

So we get back and RUDE has held the dog for us...I just don't understand that..but again I say WHATEVER.

Rubie Roo comes home all high on Monday from getting all her shots and fixed in the same day.
We are so in love with her.

Things go well for most of the 1st week. She is good, puppyish...chews and is rambunctious. She does however have kennel cough and gives it to Thunder. NICE! So now they are both running around coughing. We need to go to the store so we try kenneling her for the 1st time. We are gone for about 2hrs.

Come home and all is well...we think....
She rolls over during play and we see she has a hole in her stomach. I immediately call the shelter, they transfer me and I have to leave a message. I tell them it is urgent. 20 minutes later I call again and tell the person answering the phone that she has a HOLE in her stomach and I need to talk to someone now. Again he transfers me to the voice mail where I leave ANOTHER urgent message. STILL No call after 20 minutes so I take her to the local Companion Pet clinic....WHOM I LOVE!!!

I tell them what has happened and they fix her up for me. $442.76 later...The clinic calls the shelter and gets a REAL HUMAN!!. Mind you they STILL haven't called me back and it has been over an hour.

They have the NERVE to tell me I can just return the dog. Can you IMAGINE????

ME:When you get the dog back you will pay one of your Dr's to sew her back up right?
HER: Well Yes
ME:And then you will have to give me my $150.00 back so why don't' you just pay this vet, you won't have a dog to deal with and you won't have to give me my money back.
HER: We won't give you your money back.
ME: Excuse me?
HER: We will give you a credit for the next 12 months.....
ME: I am NOT bringing this dog back. I am in love with her.So what are you going to do about the kennel cough?
HER: She has kennel cough?
ME: Yes and she has given it to my other dog.
HER: Oh. I'll have to talk to my supervisor.
ME: I'm done with you. Goodbye.


Then they had the nerve to call me to make sure I was happy with the dog. I gave the lady an ear full!! Told her this wasn't a toaster from Walmart and I wasn't bringing her back. And what would they have done when I brought her back? Left her in a cage with her tummy open until someone got there to sew her back up? THAT IS NO WAY TO TREAT AN ANIMAL. And don't call me again!!! She actually thanks me for putting all that money into the dog....UNBELIEVABLE!!

But...we are STILL in love with the dog despite the loss of a blueberry bush, 2 large candles, 25 flour pots, a fur free couch and $400+ dollars worth of vet care....we must be MAD!!! ;-)