Thursday, December 24, 2009


Why do we have children?
To further our race?
To pass on our genes?
To teach, learn from, and love?

No we do it because we are stupid and need to learn patience.....A LOT OF PATIENCE!!!

Monday, December 21, 2009


China Free: A while back I told you about a window cling we purchased that was to go on the bathroom window and was suppose to look like stained glass. I was SO excited because it was even made in OREGON!!

And guess what?!?!?!?

It is all it said and more! Local, affordable, beautiful, and actually performs as it says.

Just thought you aught to know..

Other Nonsense: I think some people are just better off divorced. I have a friend who I use to get together with few and far between....I would be SO stressed by the time I was done with our visit that I would not try again for months....
Well, now that she is divorced......I totally love her. No more stress (okay not no more, but certainly less) and no more snide comments. Such a change and SUCH a joy to have her around. I just know now that it is what was best for her. And contributes GREATLY to her happiness...Thank God...I hope her husband (ex) is fairing as well...I love him too...just to bits!!!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Well it is here.
That time of year where the world least my world.
I spend a month worrying...I can't help it...
I have all the presents bought except one and still I worry it isn't enough.

SERIOUSLY? What is WRONG with me? I KNOW this isn't about stuff...
Not the physical stuff but I still worry..
I want everyone happy, healthy, satisfied and full..
One day I will relax. I am SURE of it...

So Saturday it is a Bake-A-Thon day. I'm pretty excited. Haven't done one in ages.
Use to do them with my evil SIL. But since I no longer kiss my brothers ass so he will
be my brother...I don't have to deal with her either....ahhh Life is good.
My friend Leann is coming. It will be fun. She is bringing ingredients and I have a
ton and we will bake our butts off!! BLISS..

OMG almost forgot....If you get a chance....GET SIPPING CHOCOLATE.
It is the most decadent, heavenly stuff ever...

Thursday, December 3, 2009


It's official. I'm addicted...
Byron began playing at the beginning of summer. He was enjoying it so much that I had to ask about it.
Here are the basics...
You start with a goodie package of speed-ups and produce items that increase production.

You start with a 7 day "Protection" so you can't be attacked or attack.
You have this time to build farms, lumber mills, iron mines, and stone quarries.

You get heroes, a mayor and a population. You raise up levels (Quests) and get goodies for making it.

You even get to choose an alliance and the friends you make are SO much fun!!!

If you have time....and after a while you need it...check it out. I'm currently on server 55. Check out the Druids alliance....

See you there!!!


Well...lets see...been busy.
Still have jobs....
Kids still alive...
Stormy died. Still have Thunder. Figures we would have the PITA dog live.
Become an evony junkie....will write more about that in a bit.
That is all I've got for now.