Monday, December 21, 2009


China Free: A while back I told you about a window cling we purchased that was to go on the bathroom window and was suppose to look like stained glass. I was SO excited because it was even made in OREGON!!

And guess what?!?!?!?

It is all it said and more! Local, affordable, beautiful, and actually performs as it says.

Just thought you aught to know..

Other Nonsense: I think some people are just better off divorced. I have a friend who I use to get together with few and far between....I would be SO stressed by the time I was done with our visit that I would not try again for months....
Well, now that she is divorced......I totally love her. No more stress (okay not no more, but certainly less) and no more snide comments. Such a change and SUCH a joy to have her around. I just know now that it is what was best for her. And contributes GREATLY to her happiness...Thank God...I hope her husband (ex) is fairing as well...I love him too...just to bits!!!

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