Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Well it is here.
That time of year where the world changes....at least my world.
I spend a month worrying...I can't help it...
I have all the presents bought except one and still I worry it isn't enough.

SERIOUSLY? What is WRONG with me? I KNOW this isn't about stuff...
Not the physical stuff but I still worry..
I want everyone happy, healthy, satisfied and full..
One day I will relax. I am SURE of it...

So Saturday it is a Bake-A-Thon day. I'm pretty excited. Haven't done one in ages.
Use to do them with my evil SIL. But since I no longer kiss my brothers ass so he will
be my brother...I don't have to deal with her either....ahhh Life is good.
My friend Leann is coming. It will be fun. She is bringing ingredients and I have a
ton and we will bake our butts off!! BLISS..

OMG almost forgot....If you get a chance....GET SIPPING CHOCOLATE.
It is the most decadent, heavenly stuff ever...

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