Sunday, February 22, 2009

1st one

Well....the purpose of this blog is for me to watch my China purchases.

Nothing special really. But I no longer want to buy from them.

I find it bad enough that they are poisoning their own children, now they have begun poisoning ours!! So I will NO LONGER SUPPORT THEM!!!

Our first serious problem came in trying to remodel our bathroom. After removing six layers of wallpaper, three or four layers of paint, and lots of trash bags of ceiling tiles, oh and lest I forget....the florescent light fixture. Not anything nice mind you. We are talking like the kind you find in a grade school cafeteria. So now we need new light fixtures. And the faucet leaks so we need a new one of those too.

We start at Walmart. It is the closest to us. They only have things made in China. And the selection sucks!!!

Off to Home Depot. It is SO hard to believe that a store that large has NOTHING MADE ANYWHERE BUT CHINA!!! How do we do this? Well we are wimps!! We bought two lights on clearance and a faucet. We have decided to try and be better. We can't support them!!!

So now it is on to lights on eBay or things from the Reclamation Center. At least if we buy used, we aren't giving them any other money!!

I've actually begun to check the tags on my clothes and ANYTHING I buy now. Thank God we can get our food locally.

Okay....enough blah blah blah for today.

I know it isn't fancy but t is my 1st blog EVER!!!

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