Monday, February 23, 2009


Okay...are there such a thing as electronic NOT made in China?
Just looked at my cell phone. Made in Korea.

Now the pres has decided that if a company receives bail out money, they have one stipulation...they MUST use USA products and or services. Boy is Canada Pissed!! I can understand that but we have to FINALLY look out for ourselves. I wonder how long we can go on support other countries and NOT ourselves?

We have a local food bank. They are STRUGGLING badly. But our community has raised 150K for United Way. If we were giving that money to the food bank, we could feed the people in OUR community. What does United Way really support? Have you ever received a dime from them? I've heard they support Campfire & Boy Scouts. But HOW? I was a campfire girl. And We earned our own money, paid our own way and still had to go to a United Way dinner to THANK people for supporting us. Did they? Where was the money?? We never saw any of it.

Wow that went of topic didn't it?

Done for now. Back to working hard at hardly working!

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