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Friday, June 15, 2007
What is your "Heritage" Current mood:Purging My Soul
Okay. I have doozy today!!!

My company sent out a memo saying that we believe in diversity and how great it is and how are are going to EMBRACE it. In other words, we get it without the benefit of lube or dinner.
So they have determined that we are now going to "Celebrate" diversity and "Heritage" and have selected months out of the year for us to to do this. We are suppose to follow their lead and learn about these "Heritages" and teach them to others.
With this in mind, I'd like to let you know some of our months. (These are the ones I can remember)

*December - Black Heritage Month - Fine, like this hasn't been around forever and I respect it.*

February-Woman's History Month - Same as above.*

October - Handicapped/Mental Illness (I've seen this one at work) hee hee*

August-GLBT-Gay Lesbian Bi-Sexual and Transgender. OKAY WHAT THE FU**ING HELL!?!?!!?!!! Since when did this become a HERITAGE?!?!?!?! What country do they come from?????????? What kind of HERITAGE is that????? THESE ARE SEXUAL PREFRENCES (EXCEPT TRANSGENDER) AND THEY DON'T HAVE A HERITIGE!!!!! Or did I miss the memo????

I did notice that there is NO month that celebrates God or our COUNTRY!!! You know the two things that I care about. I dont' give a good God Damn about someones sexual path but I sure do care about God and MY COUNTRY!!! I also noticed that there is no month that supports our Soilders. This one does amaze me since they protect our right to have things like AUGUST!!!!!!

In honor of our stupid work calendar I have OFFICIALLY deemed February (since it isn't taken by Pedofile and Zoophiliac month) WHITE STRAIT MEN IN THE MILITARY AND OTHER MEN MONTH. I noticed they didn't have a month of their own. And since they are not the minority, they deserve it.

Okay now I'm two cents poorer since I've given it to you.

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