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Tuesday, November 11, 2008
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Okay - Has it really been 6 months since I barfed a blog???? WTF?!?!?!?
I am SO out of it!!
Todays barf is about looking for people. I can't find two ..okay three people and I REALLY WANT TO FIND THEM!!
1. Chantarelle Mist Wooten - With a name like that how friggin hard can it be to find her??? But I can't. She is my cousin from my egg doner and I have been trying to find her for about 10 years now. I hear she isn't talking to her mother and I would really like to find her. I think she is about 35 or so. Her father's name is Rod. She has a younger sister named Amber and a mother named Laurel. I've tried to find them too but Laurel has re-married, Rod is a musician and God knows how hard they are to find and all I can find on an Amber Wooten is a gal who plays basketball and I believe to be too young. Sooooooo if any of you know Chantarelle...know of a chantarelle (and no I don't mean the mushrooms) Let her know that her cousin is looking for her.
2. Barbara Collins. She is 39 or 40. Last I talked to her she was in California. She came up to Portland in 1986 to go to school. She was one of my dearest HS friends. She called me Mammie (I played a wollie mammoth in a stupid school play) DON"T LAUGH) assholes) and I called her Bonnie.
3. Christy Doherning. She is also 39 or 40. She went to Parkrose from gradeshcool on up and I have been looking for her for 3 years. There is another student who wishes to get back in contact with her.
So if you guys know of any of these three people....I'm kind of hoping that they will get on google or some other search engine and put in their own name and then find that they come up and have to come here and find it......let me know.
Thanks guys!!!

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