Friday, March 13, 2009

Community Garden

So we want to start a community garden. There has been the open space down the street from us since we moved in and we have tried to get space there two years in a row before giving up.

The DH gets the idea that we should try and do something with it since it has been barren for the last few years. Unfortunately we aren't sure who to contact.

DH calls the Master Gardeners (one of which he is) and the Food Bank. We have recollection that they have both been involved at some point. We also go to the St Helens Nursery and talk to Stephanie about this. Knowing she is HUGE into helping the food bank. She advertises in both local papers and on the local radio station and has promised to give us some of her space to help promote the garden.


We have been talking to the MG club about this. They have told us it was a great idea, they could use the community service hours to keep memberships, and the FB (Food Bank) said there might be grant $ in the project if the MG teach free classes. YEA US!!

Mind you this has been going on for a MONTH.

So we start hearing buzz that the MG (Master Gardner) who failed at the project and some guy who owns the local roach motel have gone to a city council meeting to ask about starting a community garden. Um.......okay.

Then we hear that some county commissioner now wants to start a community garden. She wants to put it in the fairgrounds. No where near any of the homes that need to get food. No where near the food bank. AND locked up all of the time unless you CALL IN ADVANCE to get them to unlock the place so you can get it!!! And if that isn't enough, she has been calling around to EVERY contact we have already contacted and telling them what she wants to do. They have ALL TOLD HER we are spearheading this and to contact us. So what does this B1TC* do???? She sets up a meeting for next week Wednesday AND DOESN'T INVITE US OR CALL US OR ANYTHING!!!!! Um.....okay.

So, today I hear that one of the other commissioners is on the radio talking about how they are starting a garden. No specifics, time, place, date, NOTHING and didn't take one call or answer any questions about it. Um.....okay.

Luckily the gal who owns the garden called the radio station and set them straight. Told them about the space we have, it is centrally located, free water and everything. Even told them if they have interested people to call her and she will put their name on the list of those who want plots!! Isn't that wonderful of her. I LOVE THAT WOMAN!!!

Why do people have to be like that??? We only want to help the community. We don't even want space. Due to not being able to get a plot in the plot less garden, we (and I mean my DH) extended the size of our own garden.

Don't need the politics. Don't understand why people have to do that. Just FEED THE PEOPLE. And/or give them a little self respect in the fact that they are feeding themselves.

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