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Sunday, March 02, 2008
Update on everything Current mood: bouncy
OH happy happy joy joy - No more uterius and Spooner can poke numb parts with a stick because there aren't any!!!! I know she will be upset but she'll love me anyway.
Still hate AFLAC and Brian Gourley and now hate the company I work for. All along they say you get 60% of your wages when on short term disability. For two months they have said this. So I get my first check and it is $257.05. Um.... in what world is that 60 percent of my income? Well, I'm so damn happy not to have body parts that I really don't care too much and it is only 3 weeks right? So I go back to work on a Friday and my checks are run Tues thru Monday. So they give me the full check and I think find I can pay back $50 bucks or WHATEVER. I get a bill saying I need to pay $158.48 BACK!! I call them and seems my pathetic excuse for an employer set it up so that we are paid that $300.00 on a SEVEN DAY WORK WEEK!!! I said BullPuckie (only not the nice one). In what world am I paid on a 7 day week? Does my company pay me for the weekends? I don't think so!!! I will have to wait to talk to our personell director until I've calmed down. I can be a little intense when I'm pissed (as some of you might have notices) and I want to sound reasonable not ranting. Which is what I'm doing now. Thanks for listening.

Now for the best part!!! Cheryl and her friend Renee came over for dinner and games last night. OH AND SHE WILL NOW HAVE SUNDAYS OFF SO I CAN SEE HER!!!!! It is like Christmas, My birthday, Her birthday, and even the 4th of July all wrapped into one. Oh and for my haunt friends HALLOWEEN too!!! I can't believe those girls beat me at clue. That use to be my game. I OWNED that game. Good Lord. When did I get so old. She is such a dear!! I found this gorilla that held a heart that said "Our First Valentine" to give to her. hee hee!! I['m SUCH a dork. Anyway, she invited me to a 311 concert and played some of their music on the computer. They sound good so in April it is off to the Roslyn theatre to watch. Aught to be fun!!! Really, I'm not just saying that. KC may even be able to come. They have a youngin section too!! YEA!!! Me and my girls out for a night on the town. ALRIGHT!!!

Well take care all and thanks for your wishes regarding Cheryl and the surgery.
Oh and sorry about the stick thing Spooner. Maybe you can come poke Byron in the head instead. ;)

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