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Friday, December 29, 2006
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Okay, I know I've posted twice already today but you are not going to believe this!!
I'm at the post office waiting in line to mail something for work. Long lines, nice looking lady in front of me, VERY stinky man behind me. Lady comes in tall as she is round and asks the person behind the counter if she can wait until Wed to pay for her box.

The man behind the counter tells her that is fine seeing as they are closed Monday & Tuesday anyway. The woman asks why they are closed on Tuesday. Man behind counter tells her it is in honor of Gerald Ford, a day of memorial.

And the woman in front of me has the cabolies (Balls) to say that it is only because he (Jerald Ford) is a white man that they are doing that. She says if it were a black man (she didn't say African American like I'm suppose to) there wouldn't be any day off. Now this nice looking lady in front of me has become very UGLY.

She has shown me racism. Even though White people (we are actually pink or more peachy color) are accused of it if we say black instead of African American she can now, not only call the race black but say they wouldn't give a day off based on color.

What does she think MLK day is for? He only helped one race. Jerald Ford helped all races in ONE NATION.

Okay I'm done now.

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