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Wednesday, November 29, 2006
Done Done Done Current mood: refreshed

Well, it is finally done. All over. And I can sigh a sigh of relief. It was an experiance I will never forget.And there are even parts of it I will cherish forever.

Being called the "Best Haunt Mom EVER" by Shashonna.
Willy in the bunny outfit. I could see him smile from the outside.
Jen deleting the bad (fat) pictures and keeping the good ones.
Chris as the ferry with the spam!!!!
Byron for putting up with me saying DICK every 5 seconds!!!
Lianna & Lindsey Lou as the puppies!!!
Paul on the zombie walk with that huge gash!!!
The guy with the sunkin in head. (Okay I don't cherish that one but I will NEVER forget it!!)Christina doing "mean" on the day Janice was off.
Janice getting rid of excess baggage on the 1st day!!! GOD BLESS YOU!!
Rick - as the cutest clown bum or bum clown ever.
Sue - always with a smile and a wave.
Bears regular hugs and humor.
Morgan's Inner Thigh Salad, Crispy Skin Flakes, Toe Jam soup, Boobie Sandwiches, & Something-or-other Chowder.
Jeremy - The best trash bag monster ever!!!
Brian and his huge hugs & special pizzas!!!
Getting my ass smacked like I deserve it by James 4X.
Having to turn away from Keith's maggot covered belly.
Montana getting SO excited in that clown band outfit & TOTALLY making it work.
Callie girl - Loved as a ghost!!! So many hugs!!!!Wearing that beak.E - for being the sweetest!!!Elvis Scareyokie!!
Do you like Pandas?
Ray's mask teeth clicking together.
Estin for working those fish nets!!!
Practically Perfect Patty smiling ALL of the time.
Spooner well.....being spooner.(Nice Boobs)
Howard almost running me over in that damn chair!!!
Tom smiling all of the time. How did he do that?!??!?!?!?!(Special Pizzas)
Derek - Going beyond all normal limits of Zombiedom on the zombie walk.
Snakie for making the devil awsome!!!
Nicole - NO ONE wears butt floss like you! And there is a reason why!!
Alisha painting EVERYTHING black!!
KC for getting her school involved!!!
The two headed man!!!
Jo-Jo who I didn't even recognize because she didn't have any make-up on at the wrap party!! Where is your blood girl????
Stan for getting involved with KC. ;)
Charlie for loving my jam and fixing the HellHound!! YOU ROCK!!!
Colosus' gray thongs on the floor every night.
Dead Staceys.
Emily-Ann & FUN WITH MAC!!!!
Jose for the drama. We love that kind of show!!
Cindy looking like a kid in the corner, a very evil kid no less.
Lynn - no one victums like you!!!
Matt for working like a DOG!! And getting it done!!!
And bumpy face gore!!
Rick for having so much fun doing this.
Dave & the shots of your mouth on the video.
I wish I had the list of everyones names.
There are just so many amazing things!!!Anyway, that is all I have for now.


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