Wednesday, March 4, 2009

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Friday, March 28, 2008
Surgery AGAIN Current mood: thirsty
So Satuirday night I start getting the most incredible pain. It hurts bad enough that I think about canceling Easter. Not just for me but for the whole world!!! Okay not that bad but I did think about canceling. Of course I couldn’t. We were feeding 10 people and one was Cheryl! Can’t cancel that! So, fine go to bed, wake up all night long due to the pain. But I’m one tough cookie. KC says I’m super mom so I won’t die.
Wake up and am in pain all day. Dominoes was still fun even if I did play with a bunch of CHEATERS.
Lay in bed Sunday night and just pray. GOD PLEASE LET ME SLEEP. I sleep like a dog without the private licking thing.
Wake up Monday feeling okay but sore. Left work early due to the pain. Am in pain all day. Do the smart thing and stay home Tuesday to recover from the pain I’m still feeling. So I check on the internet. It says if you have abdominal pain for 3 days go to the emergency room. Well, I’m super mom and had a talk with God so I know I won’t die no matter what this is.
Finally can’t stand it any longer and call the dr on Wednesday. I go in, she examines me and makes me cry because it hurts so bad. TOTALLY not her fault. She has to find the problem. So she sends me in for a CT scan of the belly. They find a lump that isn’t suppose to be there. So they want a closer look. I have to drink contrast dye. I have it have it put into my vains and other places. Good Lord that wasn’t fun!! But Amy and Russell were VERY sweet. They were my tecs at Epic Imaging. Yep there is definately a lump.
So yesterday morning I go for another poke and prod. Two different kinds of ultrasounds. The lump is about 4inches wide. Not a good sign. But the doctor gave me pain meds and I did sleep. So I go to my dr’s to discuss what is next. Seems I have a something nasty that has formed on one of my ovaries in less than two months!!! And my ovarie is twisting cutting off blood flow and causing A LOT of pain.
Dr says we go in for surgery tomorrow (Friday) I say can’t it wait until Monday? I have month end at work. She says "We go in for surgery tomorrow." But I have great pain meds. I say. She says "Colleen, We go in for surgery tomorrow."
So today is tomorrow. My surgery is set for 1:00pm. I have to be there at 11:00am and I"M FRIGGIN THURSTY. No water or food since dinner last night and I just want a FRIGGIN LATTE!!!
So wish me luck. And Spooner, yes if I go numb you can poke me with a stick.

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