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Thursday, November 02, 2006
8 Hours Current mood: calm
Yes it is true. 8 FRIGGIN HOURS. I can't remember the last time I got to sleep like that. I woke up and wasn't even tired. We got to drive home in the semi-light and it was WONDERFUL!!!
Only 8 more days of clean up and we are out of the haunt. I can't tell you what a relief it is to be almost done.
As for my costume, it really didn't work (just like I said it wouldn't) and someone (CALLIE GIRL) made me one (AND IT ROCKS) but then she wound up getting to play the Marion Carion costume. I'm totally tickled. I got to take tickets. SO MUCH FUN!!! I get to see everyone and no one is in a hurry. They don't run by and I LOVE IT!!!
I have a few thank you notes to write. One to Cadbury for all of the throat lozenges they donated. THANK YOU HALLS!!! And one to the greatest catering company in the world. They are called INGALLINA'S. If you want some EXCEPTIONAL platters of goodies, they are the ones to talk to!!! They service the Seattle and Portland areas. # 206-766-9400, 866-766-9400 for Seattle. For Portland # 503-233-9400!!!
I have to say that the regional manager for KFC SUCKS!! His name is ERIC (the jerk) and will say he will return your call but HE WON'T!!! So, never bother to go to KFC because they have the WORST upper management. They do however have great store managers. Sheri at the Lombard store in Portland is the greatest thing since sliced bread!!!
I wonder if they will ask me to cook for the wrap party? A pot luck would actually be really fun!!!
Well, I'm off to work today!! Have a great day.

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