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Thursday, October 04, 2007
My Dumb Think For The Day Current mood: chipper
I swear I have to do something dumb every day. Something different and dumb. I never (okay almost never) do the same dumb thing twice.Maybe Dumb Thing for the Day is wrong. Maybe it is just weekly. Maybe.Okay this happened on Wednesday. And I have to giggle because I crack myself up.I'm in the car running errands and think "Hey I'll pay the cable bill this month BEFORE they call me."So I drive to the cable place and it is late so they are closed. Of course I don't have my account number so I write in the "Comment" section that I'm a meatball and don't have my account number. (This isn't the dumb thing.)

I don't have an envelope to put it in the slot so I get out a blank piece of paper and fold it over my check so it won't get caught in the shoot or something and then my payment won't register. But it is still flat and the DH is worried it will still get stuck. So I do the next best thing I can think of to make it fatter. (No, this isn't the stupid part either.) I find a twist tie in the car so I wind it around the middle of the check and it looks like a little bow tie. hee hee I'm such a dork!!!So I go to put it in the slot. I cram it in the slot and see that it is sitting on top of the little ledge right on top of someone elses check & they didn't make sure it went down the slot. So (here comes the stupid part) I stick my fingers in the slot to push both my $ and the other persons down the slot.

Mind you, no good deed goes unpunished. I get stuck!!! I'm about to panic and so I rip my fingers out of the slot. I then get into the car and bleed since I've torn all of the skin off of the nuckel off of my left hand. Yes it is true. Such a dumb thing to do. My DH just laughs because it is what I do. Of course I cant' tell him I'm bleeding either because then he will only laugh harder.Okay I'm done laughing at myself now.

Just had to get that out and see it I'm not the only braniac out there!!!

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