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Friday, December 29, 2006
I'VE HAD IT!!!! Current mood:Harried

Today was suppose to be slow. Low work, low calls, low stress.

I know this is simple but it isn't happening. We have a copier/fax machine on lease from this business. They picked the machine for us, put it in, service it and send us supplies as needed. So I call them on the 13th of Dec and say I need staples for the machine.

It has this special kind for some auto stapler that is on the top. No staples, no staples, no staples.

Finally on the 27th I call back and say hey you never called me back.
Can I get my staples.
So the gal argues with me over weather or not the damn thing has internal staples.
So she sends me staples and they don't have a cartridge like the one I pull out. I call her. These can't be right. They don't have a cartridge.
Can you get me the ones with the cartridge?
I'll send it to you so you can see what it looks like.
She says don't send me the cartridge.
I think I know the right ones. S
o I get the second box and nope, no cartridge they won't work.
I call her. Nope these don't work. I've been patient and laughing the WHOLE time. Okay she says, does the cartridge have a lip, does it look like a snail. I say no. I know about those type of cartridges.

They go in the electric stapler on my desk.

This looks like (and I describe it to her again) and I need them. So today I get a box that has two different kinds of staples and NEITHER OF THEM ARE RIGHT!!! So I call the rep and say YOU PUT THE MACHINE IN HERE. YOU NEED TO FIGURE OUT THE STAPLES FOR IT!!!!

She calls and asks if the staples are right. I tell her no. Now I have three boxes of the wrong ones ready to go back. This has been so much fun!!! She says she will call the manuf and call me back. She calls me back and asks me to get the first box she sent. I pull it out and I'LL BE DAMNED IF THE FRIGGIN STAPLES DON'T COME OUT AND GO INTO THE REUSABLE CARTRIDGE!!!!! ARG!!!!

That is problem one. #2We are doing price file updates. My boss created the update and it is my job to get the customers to download the files. So I send them a letter the day the files are ready. Please download. You have until the 1st of Jan to do it. Second letter goes out. Please download. Time is almost up. Final letter is e-mailed at 7:30 am this morning. and the phones start ringing off of the hook. It is so bad that the switchboard operator calls me to see what I have done that would make so many people call me!!! We get 45 downloads in 4 hours. More than we had all month. Why?????Because they have to be done by Monday or they won't be avaliable. SO, I'm on the phone with one dealer, have another on hold, my message light starts blinking and I get two e-mails!!! WHAT THE HELL!?!?!?!?!?!?!

So now, it is almost 3:30, time to go home. Now I need to do a work de-tox. Time to get a nice iced coffee and relax!!!

Nighty night.

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