Thursday, March 5, 2009


Hiya. Don't really want to go to work today.
I have tomorrow off due to taking the boy to the dentist. That aught to be fun. NOT
They will put him under. That is the fun part. He says all kinds of funny stuff.

Last time...I left the room for a break from the noise. When I returned the nurse informed me that the answer was 42. What???? She said, "He said the answer to everything was 42."

Oh nice. Now he quotes Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy. Funny kid.

Then he proceeds to tell them how cold it is in his room because our house is so old and there is no insulation. So he is USE TO being cold. OH GEEZ. Now the dentist thinks I'm trying to freeze my kid to death!! Luckily the nurse saved me. She just told me they say whatever pops into their head when they are drugged. THANK GOD. Wonder what he will say tomorrow.

Oh and I didn't die of botulism. YEA ME!!!

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